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“Afghanistan – As Only Love Could Hurt”
Notes From A Broken Land
IS Taking New Strategy in Afghanistan

The Great Game Reconstructed
By: Abdul-Qayum Mohmand, Ph.D.

Security and Peace In Afghanistan Before and After 2014
By: Abdul-Qayum Mohmand, Ph.D.

Some Thoughts on Islamic Economics
Professor M. Siddieq Noorzoy
Relocate United Nations To Jerusalam To Harmonize Civilizations
By: Dr. Rahmat Rabi Zirakyar
The Nature of Statistical Data About The Afghan Economy and Their Problems
The Great Dangerous Game Revisit Afghanistan

Afghanistan triumph over Ireland in 5 ODIs series

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١٣٩۶ لمريز کال
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هرې تپې ته د جرګو سره ځم

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Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban attack on army base in Mazar-I-Sharif reached to 140
‘A Shortage of Coffins’ After Taliban Slaughter Unarmed Soldiers

US strike in Afghanistan: What is the 'Mother of All Bombs'?

Sound and Fury

Why the Big US Bomb Was Dropped on Afghanistan

The Art of a Deal With the Taliban

Will Trump Administration Increase Drone Strikes in Pakistan?

Ata Mohammad Noor apologizes for supporting Abdullah in elections

"ځوانان دې د مشال خان انسانی لار وپالی"

زه مشال خان یوسفزی، له پنجاب څخه غواړم چې له خیبر پښتونخوا سره پر پوله دیوال جوړ کړي، تر څو هغه تروریستان چې شین چای څکي، شلوار کمیس اغوندي او پښتو خبرې کوي، ونشي کولای پنجاب ته ننوځي

بلخ کې د وژل شویو سرتېرو شمېر ۱۴۰ ته رسېدلی

'اچین کې غورځول شوي زورور بم د 'اسلامي دولت' لږترلږه ۹۰ کسان وژلي'


امریکا او روسیه په افغانستان کې بیا سیالۍ ته وردانګي؟

نور: عبدالله باید له خپلو ملګرو او افغان ملت بخښنه وغواړ

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Probe launched over $500M spent on Afghanistan planes now sitting idle
Controversy Over Afghan-US Deal
A Proposal for Peace in Afghanistan
What The 'Zero Option' Would Look Like In Afghanistan
Obama’s Afghanistan Specialists Stumped on Basic Facts
Why the U.S. Paid Karzai's Top Aid
نو په مړو او معدومو به شميريږو
که دا يو چې په همدې شانې اوسيږو
ګورئ دا سيلاب چې راغی لاهو کيږو
راځئ هلئ چې لاسونه سره ورکړو

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