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Condemnation Statement
Manzoor Pashteen: The young tribesman rattling Pakistan's army
When the man with the red cap speaks, thousands of Pashtuns listen
The Miranshah Jalsa
Abdul Qayum Mohmand, PhD
“Afghanistan – As Only Love Could Hurt”
Notes From A Broken Land
The Costs of War Taking Afghanistan as a Case Study
Full Report (PDF)
The Wrong Enemy in Afghanistan
Pashtun elders seek world’s help to banish terror
IS Taking New Strategy in Afghanistan

The Great Game Reconstructed
By: Abdul-Qayum Mohmand, Ph.D.

Security and Peace In Afghanistan Before and After 2014
By: Abdul-Qayum Mohmand, Ph.D.

Some Thoughts on Islamic Economics
Professor M. Siddieq Noorzoy
Relocate United Nations To Jerusalam To Harmonize Civilizations
By: Dr. Rahmat Rabi Zirakyar
The Nature of Statistical Data About The Afghan Economy and Their Problems
The Great Dangerous Game Revisit Afghanistan
An Open Letter to President Donald Trump Attending UN Meetings in New York
Abdul Haq: the Afghan commander who could have led to peace.

۱۴۰۱ لمريز کال
څو چې راغونډ پۀ يو مرکز يې نۀ کړم
هرې تپې ته د جرګو سره ځم

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Sabawoon is an independent social, cultural, and political publication, which provides factual and non-biased information about issues pertaining to the national interests of Afghanistan, both in Pashto and in English. Sabawoon promotes national consciousness and strives to provide academic and research based articles and writings. Sabawoon publishes various articles in the areas of society, culture, and politics. It introduces Afghanistan’s national, historical, literary, and political figures to Afghans and the world.
Sabawoon collects information about Afghanistan’s current political situation and affairs, and regional and international interferences in the Afghan land. Sabawoon provides information and enlighten the Afghans and non-Afghans about the current and future political affairs of Afghanistan. To help Afghans obtain their due rights, Sabawoon collects and publishes information about language, literature, culture, religion, redevelopment, social and economic progress and development, establishing a national and representative government, and other national and social issues.  



سباوون يوه خپلواکه ټولنيزه، کلتوري او سياسي خپرونه ده چې پهٔ پښتو او انکريزي ژبو د هيواد د ملي مسايلو پۀ هکله ګټور معلومات خپروي، ملي روحيې ته وده ورکوي او علمي او تحقيقي ليکنې خپروي. سباوون د افغانستان پهٔ ټولنيزو، کلتوري او سياسي برخو کې بيلابيلې خپرونې کوي او د هيواد ملي، تاريخي، ادبي او سياسي څيرې هيوادوالو او نړيوالو ته ورپيژني.
سباوون د افغان پهٔ خاوره کې د روانو حالاتو، او سيمه ايزو او نړيوالو لاسوهنو پهٔ هکله ليکنې او څيړنې راټولوي. سباوون افغانان او نړيوال د لوی افغانستان د اوسني او راتلوکي سياسي واقيعتونو پۀ هکله روښانوي او د افغانانو د حقه حقوقو د لاسته راوړلو پۀ خاطر، د ژبې، ادب، کلتور، دين، د هيواد د بيا ودانولو، ټولنې ته د ودې ورکولو، سولې، د ملي حکومت د جوړولو او نورو ملي او ولسي مسايلو پۀ هکله هراړخيزه ګټورمعلوماتو راټولوي او نشر ته یې سپاري.




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نو په مړو او معدومو به شميريږو
که دا يو چې په همدې شانې اوسيږو
ګورئ دا سيلاب چې راغی لاهو کيږو
راځئ هلئ چې لاسونه سره ورکړو

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