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Sabawoon News Of the Day

The Mardan Report (Pukhtoonkhwa)

Stories By: Muhammad Riaz Mayar- former vice president of Mardan Press Club (MPC)

March 2010 Report

13 April , 2010 - MARDAN: Pakistan Muslim League –Nawaz (PML_N) provincial vice president and former provincial minister Abdus Subhan Khan strongly condemned the incident of Abbotabad and said that balances of Musharraf with great conspiracy destroyed the peace of Abbotabad. He expressed these views while talking to the media here on Tuesday. Abdus Subhan Khan said that Musarraf balances were silent on the 18th amendment before presenting in National Assembly. He said that if they were sincere with the people of Hazar before presenting 18th amendment bill in the NA they started debates, seminar and meeting on this bill and through this way they connive their massage to the people and NA. He said that Mian Nawaz Sharif and PML-N will take practical initiatives for the people of Hazara and will finish the feeling of deprivation of the people of Hazara.

MARDAN: Local police has claimed that they have killed two alleged militants in an exchange of fire in Babani area of Choora police station on Monday night. Police sources told that a party of the Choora police station headed by Station House Officer (SHO) Ibrar Khan was on routine patrol in the area when unidentified armed men opened fire on the van near Babani. Police party also started firing. In an exchange of fire two people were killed. The deceased were identified as Zar Wali Khan son of Hazrat Wali and Asfandyar son of Hamid Gul resident of Bakhsali. Police said that Zar Wali was commander of local Taliban and involved in more than 27 cases of terrorism, extortion, murder, including murder of ASI Islam Saed of Police Station Katlong who was killed by unknown accused on 11 April 2010 on Sunday night while two constables got injured in that incident, while his other fellow Asfandyar is also alleged militant. People of the area while talking to The News at District Headquarter (DHQ) hospital Mardan told that Zar Wali was Taliban Commander while the other person was a poor labourer and did not involve in any terrorist activities.

MARDAN: Local police has arrested three people and claimed that they are supporting Taliban. Police sources told that Katlong police arrested three people identified as Fazal-e-Ghafoor, Jahanzeb and Tahir sons of Juma Khan resident of Jrandai and Ziaullah son of Sultan Ghani resident of Kohi and claimed that they are supporting terrorist organization and invited the people of the area to join the Taliban organization and give protection to terrorists. Sources told that their brothers have also links with Taliban. Police started investigation from them.

MARDAN: Accused killed his brother and sister in Toru area over a relationship dispute on Monday night. Sardar Khan son of Muhammad Taj resident of Ghadbano Kali reported to police and said that his son Usman and Muhammad Nawas son of Nowshad over a relationship dispute allegedly started firing and killed his other son Hussain and daughter Asia and escaped from the spot. Police registered case against the accused

12 April , 2010 - MARDAN: A seventeen year old girl was killed in firing incident in tehsil Takhtbhai. Farooq Khan son of Fazali Manan resident of Kamran Kali area of Sawro Shah police station reported to police and said that unidentified armed men allegedly started firing and killed his nephew Rozina daughter of Mukhtar Ahmed and escaped. Police registered case against unknown accused.

MARDAN: Cable net work operator and owner of Mardan has started their own channel on their cable net works and show obscenity films, songs and advertisement, interviews and meeting. It is learnt that cable operators and owners of Mardan with other channels started their own channel and shown obscenity films and songs and also show illegally interviews and meeting of different political parties and advertisements and openly violated the rule and regulation of PAMRA. People of the city several time completed about this situation of cable net works. Talking to the reporters Shahsaid, Shahid Muhammad, Asid Ali, Zahid,Rauf and other strongly condemned the owner and operators of cable net work of Mardan and said that for the sake of money they show obscenity films and songs. They said that we put cable net work in their houses to aware of the country and world news but the cable operators and owner show obscenity films and songs and our young generation in our absence watch these films and songs. They said that there are no authorities to check the transmissions of the cable net work. They demanded federal, provincial government and local administration to take strict notice of this issue in Mardan.


11 April , 2010 - MARDAN: Chief Minister Ameer Hadier Khan Hoti said that we are thanked full of all those party who supported us in renaming the province. Khyber-PukhtunKhawa is great victory of Pukhuans. We will convince the people of Hazara. He expressed these views while talking to the media at the residence of District Police Officer (DPO) Mardan Haji Waqif Khan on Sunday on his sons walima. Ameer Hadier Hoti said that Khyber-PukhtunKhawa is the decision of majority and it is the beauty of democracy that we should accept the decision of majority some people for political scoring opposing decision of majority of Khyber-PukhtunKhawa which is against democracy principals. He added that we will convince and satisfied the people of Hazara. He said that terrorist activities have become less but approximately three to four more years will be spent and fight to finish terrorism.

MARDAN: Assistant Sub Inspector ASI was killed while two constables got seriously injured when unidentified armed men started firing on police mobile at Katlong area. Sources told that Katlong police station mobile was on his routine patrolling on Saturday mid night when unidentified armed men started firing on police mobile near Koti Shah area of Katlong police station. As a result ASI, Islam Sheed died on the spot while two constables, Abdur Rashied and Shier Muhammad got seriously injured. The injured were shifted to district headquarter (DHQ) hospital Mardan from where constable Abdur Rashid was referred to Peshawar in critical condition. A police party headed by Superintendent Police (SP) operation Mir Qasim Khan reached the spot and started search operation of the area but no one has been arrested yet.

MARDAN: Local police has recovered four locket launcher from the near by field in tehsil Takhtbhai area. Sources told that people informed Takhtbhai police that two suspicious bags are laying in the wheat field of Dr Abdul Wahab. Police came to the spot with bomb disposal squad and recovered four rocket launcher and four boosters from the bags in which two boosters were dangerous. Bomb deposal squad discarded them. Police took rocket launcher and boosters in their custody and started search operation of the fields.

MARDAN: Federal Parliamaney Secretary of Establishment and Cabinet Miss Farhat Khan said that problems of clerks will be solved on priority bases. She will very soon arrange a meeting of clerks with Prime Minister. She expressed these views while talking to the delegation of clerks headed by APCA provincial president Auregzeb Kashmiri at Mardan on Sunday. Delegation was included by APCA Nowshera district president Ghulam Sarwar, Ibrahiam Khan, Umar Hayat Khan, Zarshad Khan, Jan Muhammad and Nawaz Ali. Miss Farhat Khan said that clerks are back bone of administration but this important class has been ignored and they are working on the scale fixed by British Empire. She said that the legal demands of clerks will be put in front of Prime Minister and in the next budget special initiatives will be proposed to solve these legal demands. At this occasion delegation of APCA presented chattered of demands to her. Auregzeb Kashmiri told her that like teacher on ten year service service time scale should be also given to clerks and also solves the demand of up gradation of clerks.

10 April , 2010 - MARDAN: Police recovered a diseased body of a police man posted in Sheri behlol police post on main Malakand- Mardan road in the jurisdiction of Takhtbhai police station. Source said that Aftab Saqib resident of Gadar Hamza khan Mardan was slaughtered by unidentified persons. Unknown accused thrown his body in the near by canal. The Takhtbhai police did not give more details about the tragic incident. Sources said that the police personal was killed inside the police check post but the local deny the information.

MARDAN: Security forces raided the house on Malakand road at Jalala village, tehsil Takhtbhai and arrested two alleged militants. Sources said that Amjad resident of swat was living in the house of Mian Gul in Jalala village. Security forces early in the morning raided the house and arrested Mian Gul and Amjad , Amjid has allegedly links with the swat miscreants, sources told. It is the third raid by the security forces in the area in the last few days in which five persons has been arrested.

MARDAN: Unidentified persons blown up a barber shop located in the jurisdiction of Chura police station in Mardan. Sources told that unidentified people planted local made explosives with the barber shop of Taj Wali in Bakhsali area. As a result his shop got partially damaged.

MARDAN: Mardan police have recovered large number of dynamite and arrested the driver and took vehicle in there custody. Sources told that Sheikh Maltoon Police during checking at Masiti check post recovered 370 dynamite from a flying coach No LWC 1740 which was put in two bags and took the coach and driver Saidullah son of Baser Nabi resident of Gulbahar Peshawar in there custody. Police started investigation from the driver.

MARDAN: Hundreds of activists of Pakistan People Party (S). Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Jamiat Ulemai Islam (Fazl) (JUI-F), Pakistan Muslim league-Quaid (PML-Q) and other opposition parties took out protest rally against the long duration and unscheduled loadshedding, lawlessness and price hike. Rally was led by Member National Assembly (MNA) and former federal minister Khawaja Muhammad Khan Hoti, Provincial Vice president of PPP (S) and president Aman Jirga NWFP Syed Kamal Shah, ex MPA and district general secretary of JUI-F Maulana Amant Shah, district information secretary of JUI-F Maulana Qasir ud din, general secretary of Aman Jirga NWFP Arshid Manan and local leader of JI Saeed Akhtar advocate. Protesters chanted slogans against provincial government, local administration, and Pesco authorities. Protesters put play cards and banners and flags in their hands. Rally was changed in to protest meeting at Kachaihri chowk. Addressing to the meeting speakers said that people of Mardan are fed up from the long duration and unscheduled loadshedding. They said that electricity is stop all the night due to which the children and women are facing a lot of problems. They said that due to the loadshedding business of Mardan is totally destroyed. They said that on the other side Pesco authorities sent huge bills and illegally put huge fine on the people. They said that if long duration and unscheduled loadshedding and over billing haven’t stopped then they will attack the Pesco offices. They said that corruption is continued in all departments of the district. Police officers offices and police station has changed to the spots of corruption. They said that renaming province and new name Khyber-PukhtunKhawa did not solve the problems of the masses. They said that people are facing a lot of problems while on the other side provincial government celebrating festival on the renaming of province which is great joke to the people of province. They said that government should give attention to the problems of the people instead of engaging people in non issues. They demanded that provincial government has failed to solve the problems of the people therefore it is their moral duty to resign the government. After three hour protesting the protesters dispersed peacefully.

MARDAN: A twenty one year old boy is missing from Toru area from last few weeks. Afsar Jahan son of Mir Ahmed resident of Quraish Koti reported to police and said that his brother Inam Khan, 21 year is missing from 6th April 2010. He said that he searched him in his relative’s houses but he did not found him any where. He told that he has no enmity to any one. It is to be noted that missing children and young boy’s incidents has increased in Mardan district from last few months several children and young boys were missing from different parts of the district. Most of the missing children aren’t found yet.

MARDAN: Two persons who belong to Punjab cheated storekeeper of a sugar mill and took away costly machinery from him. Taza Gul son of Hiya Gul resident of Bagh colony Par Hoti reported to police and said that he is store Incharge at the Head office of Saleem Sugar Mill located at Par Hoti. On 15 January 2010 two persons Tariq Mahmood son of Muhammad Sharif and Ali Raza son of Azmat resident of Faisalabad Punjab came to the head office and showed themselves as a big businessman of Faisalabad and bought boilers and other costly cables and electric motors and paid cost of the boilers and promise that they will pay cost of the other machinery in few days and took machinery with themselves. He said that the remaining machinery is about 50 lac rupees value. He said that the mentioned persons haven’t come yet. Police registered cases against the accused.


9 April , 2010 - MARDAN: Security forces raided two houses in tehsil Takhatbhai about 23 km away from Mardan city and arrested four suspected militants. Sources told that on Friday early in the morning security forces raided two houses in Madebada and Takkar villages and arrested four alleged militants identified as Hamid-ul-Haq of Madebaba, Muhammad Alam, Sajid and Huzifa belong to Takkar village. It is to be noted that Hamid ul Haq is the brother of local ANP leader Farman-ul-Haq general secretary of the village. The allegedly militants have been shifted to an unknown place for investigation.

MARDAN: The central leader and Naib Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Liaqat Balouch stressed that there is need of more provinces on ethnic bases in the country.

Talking to media Liaqat Balouch in a ceremony of Jamaat-e-Islami he said the Awami National party supported those people who are responsible for the blood shed of Pukhtuns. He said they supported Russia in the past and now they have gone to sit in the hands of America.

He told the media that by-elections are not supposed to judge the strength of any party but we will show it in the next coming elections.

On the US support for India he said that US want to become a police man in the south Asia by supporting India and want its presence in the Pakistan. He expressed his worries on the day today commodities prices increase and said the government have no concerns with people groaning under the burden of inflation.

8 April , 2010 - MARDAN: Local administration has started crake down against illegal encroachments in different bazaars of city after long time and several meeting early in the morning of Thursday. It is to be noted that due to illegal encroachments traffic jam and other problems are faced by the masses of Mardan and masses of Mardan several time complained the high ups of district and especially father of Chief Minister Muhammad Azam Khan Hoti but no one is ready to take action against the encroachments in city. Local administration several times gave deadline to the shopkeepers to voluntarily finish the encroachments from bazaars and in this connection several meeting were arranged with the representatives of traders of Mardan but no result was out of that meeting. On Wednesday a high level meeting was arranged in this connection chaired by Commissnor Muhammad Akbar Khan. Meeting was attended by Deputy Inspector General of police (DIG) Mardan Syed Akhtar Ali Shah, District Coordination Officer (DCO) Mardan Adil Khan, Tehsil Municipal Administrator Attaul Haq and other high-ups of district. It was decided in the meeting that a fruitful and joint grand operation of police, TMA and Municipal Magistrates will be started against the encroachments in city. In this connection special six teams was organized which started operation on Thursday against illegal encroachments on Banl road and Gaju Khan road. Asad Khan, Faiz Muhammad , Sardar Hussain, Shahid Muhammad and other people said while talking on this occasion appreciated the action of local administration and said that local administration after long time decide to remove illegal encroachments from city and it is necessary that local administration with out any discrimination continued operation till the illegal encroachments was not remove. They also demanded from local administration to take action against those people who illegally holded government property in different bazaars. Shopkeeper while talking said that local administration also started operation against the illegal stands of changchai rickshaws, coaches and other vehicles and also takes notice of the vehicles standing in bazaars.

MARDAN: A person cheated the House Building Finance Corporation Limited (HBCL) and got loan and gave bogus cheques to the corporation. An officer of the corporation reported to police and said that Mr Fazal Khaliq son of Habib ur Rehman got loan of 468000 rupees for the construction of house on his plot Kasra No 1255 and 1290 situated at Muslimabad Guli Bagh and gave three cheques No 9505963 dated 3-10-2009, 9505964 dated 10-8-2009 and 9505965 dated 10-9-2009 of Habib Bank bank road. He said that all the cheques were dishonored due to insufficient balance. Police registered cases against the accused.

MARDAN: Two people were killed in two separate firing incidents in Shahbaz Gahri on Wednesday night. Muhammad Sohail son of Qurish Khan resident of Mubarik Khiel reported to police and said that accused Tariq Akbar, Muhtiraj Akbar sons of Shier Akbar and Mir Dost son of Ajun and his son Muhammad Rashid on old enmity allegedly started firing and killed his brother Muhammad Amin. In an other incedent which also accured in the same police station area while accused Nawab Ali, Ayin Khan,Shahid, Nasir Khan sons of Laiq Khan on house dispute allegedly started firing and killed Iftkhar son of Tarin Khan. Police registered case on the request of slain brother Siyar Khan.

7 April , 2010 - MARDAN: District Execute Officer (health) Dr Arshid Ahmed Khan said on Wednesday that due to the shortage of doctors District Headquarter (DHQ) hospital Mardan is facing a lot of problems. Secretary health issued order of few doctors for DHQ Mardan but the doctor used political influence and cancelled that order. Instead of all the difficulties and hurdles DHQ hospital is gradually going toward betterment. He expressed these views while talking to the repoters. Dr Arshid Ahmed Khan said that DHQ administration is facing problems when they issued order of nurses duties in different departments and wards because several nurses wanted to perform duty in labour room and for this purpose they approach to the high-up and use political source. He said that to finish this system he constitute a committee including doctors and nurse superintendents who with out any pressure and political influence on merit make a list of nurses every month and according to that list nurses will perform their duties. He said that several doctors and lady doctors are trying to transfer themselves to Mardan Medical Complex (MMC) because there is no burden on MMC all the people came to DHQ. He said that many doctors are transferred or retired but there is no substitute of these doctors due to which DHQ face doctor shortage. He said that high-ups, doctors, nurses and other staff with great conspiracy are involved in failing the public health sector which is great cruelty with the nation. He said that it is wonderful that health is not our national priority. He said that in 2009 total one lac and 12 thousand patients were treated in DHQ, thirty percent patient per day came to DHQ. In 2009 total nine thousand major and 11500 minor surgical cases and 6500 operations was done of pregnant women in DHQ. He said that government did not give any benefits to doctors in health department therefore most of doctor’s performing duties in other departments. He said that when a doctor is appointed 17 scale has been given to him and most of them are retired in 18 scale. He said that health is the only department in which on union council level a 17 scale doctor perform duty And receive 17 thousand rupees. He said that appointment of doctor is in the hands of Public Service Commission (PSC) and PSC do appointment one time in a year and appoint very less doctors on province level due to which the shortage of doctors is not finish in hospitals. He said that there are several doctors wandering jobless in all district of the province. It is need of time that power of doctor appointment should be given to the Medical Superintendent (MS) of the hospitals and he should appoint doctor and other staff according to his need and through this way doctor shortage problem will be solved. He claimed that if government doesn’t change the health policy in future doctor’s vacuum should be created in province. He said that there is no power with EDO (health) and due to this reason he did not take any action against touts, quick, unregistered and untrained dispensers and other elements. He said that doctor are waiting that Pay and Pension Committee will announced attractive package for them but committee did not announce any package for doctors. He said that instead of all difficulties and hurdles DHQ hospital is going towards betterment, lot of developmental works has been done in DHQ and reconstruction and decoration and panting of casualty, private rooms and wards washroom has completed in the last two year. He said that it is the need of time that full power especially of judiciary should be given to EDOs because instead of registering complaints they take action through this way we provided relief to the poor people who come for treatment to DHQ Mardan.

6 April , 2010 - MARDAN: The Pakistan People's Party Parliament-arian (PPP.P) Mardan chapter demanded the government to immediately transfer City DSP because he illegally raided the house of PPP.P worker and arrested him, his cousins and guests. Government conducts open inquiry of the incident. These views were expressed by Khan Khawas Khan advocate district president, Muazam Khan City president, Arshid Khan, Hadier Ali Khan, Mujahid Khan and other while addressing to a crowded press conference. PPP.P workers residents of Bagdada and relatives of Shahid Khan resident of Barkandi Bagdada whose Hujra was raided by police last night and arrested by police with casinos and other guests wer as. Speakers said that on Monday night police party led by DSP City Samad Khan raided the Hujra of Shahid Khan and arrested him his cousin and guests and registered fake cases of gambling against them. They said that in PPP.P government cruelty is continued against party workers. They demanded President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to conduct open inquiry of the incident. Mean while when this correspondent contacted to the City DSP Abdus Smad Khan he said that there was information that proclaimed offenders (POs) were present in the Hujra of Shahid Khan. He said that a police party raided the Hujra but during that time POs escaped and they arrested Shahid Khan and nine other people who were busy in gambling and also recovered money used in gambling and registered case against them. He claimed that the mention person is professional gambler and gambling is donning in his Hujra and people of the area know about this act of the mentioned person. He said that he did not know before raid that to which party the mentioned person belong. He said that he is satisfied with his raid and his raid is legal and FIR registered against the accused is legal.

MARDAN: Member of National Assembly (MNA) of ANP and former federal minister Khawaja Muhammad said on Tuesday that Awami National Party (ANP) Mardan district are by force joining the people in party and if any one refused, with the help of administration they tease them, in this connection last night police raided the House of Shahid Khan who refused to join ANP. He expressed these views while addressing to a press conference. Former care taker minister and president of Aman Jirga Syed Kamal Shah and other also addressed the meeting. Residents of Bagdada and relatives of Shahid Khan whose House was raided by police last night and arrested by police with casinos and other guests were also present at this occasion. Khawaja Hoti said that ANP Mardan for their personal and illegal works gave shoulder promotion to several officers and now they used that officer for their illegal works and teased workers of other parties through these officers. He said that local administration is busy in corruption. He said that ANP office bearers and workers are running gambling spots (Juva ka adda) in Mardan Khas, Hoti, Guli Bagh and other parts of the city but police don’t take action against them. He said that police illegally raided the house of Shahid Khan and arrested his cousins and guest and registered fake case against them. He demanded the government to immediately transfer DSP city and conduct open inquiry of the incident. before the press conference residents of Bagdada relatives of Shahid Khan staged protest demonstration in front of Mardan Press Club (MPC) and blocked Shamsi road for any kind of traffic for half and hour and chanted slogans against the administration and provincial government.

MARDAN: Unknown accused stole internal parts from transformer of irrigation pump in Toru police station area. Amjid Khan AMO Pesco City 11 Mardan reported to police and said that unknown accused stole internal parts from 50 KVA transformer of aggregation pump of Chataly village and threw the empty body in the field. Police registered case against unknown accused.

MARDAN: Accused beated Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) draftsman and injured him in his office by nit forwarding his application. Minhaj Ali son of Noorul Anwar resident of Digan Khiel who is draftsman at TMA Mardan reported to police and said that accused Anwar Sher resident of Sarai Koroona Baricham gave application to him about encroachments few days ago. He came to his office and asked about the application. I told him that I am searching the application during that time he beated him with pistol and injured him and escaped. Police registered FIR against the accused.

MARDAN: Local police busted a gang of gamblers and arrested its ten members with stake money in a surprise raid on Tuesday. Sources told that a police party led by Station House Officer (SHO) City Shah Mumtaz Khan conducted the raid on the Hujra of Shahid Khan at Bar Kandi Bagdada and red handed arrested ten gamblers Shahid, Abdus Samad, Muhammad Tahir, Arshid Ali, Afaq Ahmed, Imran, Naveed Iqbal, Sajjad, Isfaq and Ahmedzeb when they were busy in gambling and recovered 59 thousand rupees used in gambling. Police put them in lockup and registered case against them.

MARDAN: Unidentified gunmen tied up a person and took away his cattle’s in Shahbaz Gahri area. Sources told that unidentified gunmen tied up Faqir Muhammad in Shiekhabad village area of Shahbaz Gahri police station and put his cattle’s worth million rupees in a vehicle and escaped.

5 April , 2010 - MARDAN: Accused stole gold ornaments and cash amount from a house in Hoti police station area. Sher Ahmed son of Muhammad Safoor resident of Bara Khankhiel reported to police and said that accused Arshid, Amjad son of Shabz Ali resident of Digan Khiel broke the lock of his house and stole seventy tola gold ornaments and one lac rupees cash and escaped. Police registered case against the accused.

MARDAN: Telephone sets of several police stations are engaged and busy when in emergency any one contacts the police stations. As per details telephone of several police station of Mardan district are busy or engaged when any one contacted the police station in emergency for information. Sources told that when summer started several police stations in charge in after noon time put down receiver of their telephone sets and very easily enjoy sleep in the noon. Sources told that when the police officer contacted the police stations and the telephone are coming busy the officer contacted the police station on wireless set but common people are facing difficulties and due to this reason the police officer don’t take action against the in charge of the police stations because they contact them on wireless set. On the other side there are sensitive police stations where there are no sources for common people to contact the police station. Local media representatives and people several time complained the high-ups about this situation but no action has been taken in this connection yet.

4 April , 2010 - MARDAN: Hafiz Bacha Gul who is a disable teacher, instead of leading a disabled life wants to utilize his disability for conveying the message of peace brother hood and harmony through out the world and is hopeful to succeed in his noble mission. Hafiz Gul Bacha while talking to the reporters said that he is presently serving on Qari post at Government Higher and Secondary school No 1 Mardan. He is leading a content life and never felt any deprivation at any step rather he considers himself as one of the fortunate person having great honour among the people. One could not realize his short stature and disability when seated but he is one of among those having very little height despite the fact half of his upper body is like those of the normal people. He said that he is comparable with his small but six fingers and can perform all his routine work. He said that he coach things with the help of his both hands put signatures on a piece of paper and took tea without any body help. He said that he learnt Quran by heart and completed Qirrat from Mansura Madrassa Lahore and learnt Aama Khasa courses and other religious knowledge from Madrassa Alhussan ul Uluam Gulsan Iqbal Karachi. He was appointed on the post of Qari in 1988. His first appointment was made in Sari Behlol area but later transferred to Government Higher Secondary School No 1 Mardan. He said that a person who completed Quran from him at Bagh mosque bank road he offered his daughter hands to him. He said that he married the daughter of that person on 25 December 1992 who was a normal woman. He said that he has five normal children including three sons named Muhammad Abdullah reading in 9th class, Muhammad Owas Karni in 7th, Muhammad Yaseen 3 year old and daughters, Madiha reading in 7th class and Maria reading in 6th class. He said that all his children are normal. He said that he was first living in Dili mohallah and now he is living at Iram Colony because the old house was not sufficient for his family. He said that his father was carpenter and did business of furniture’s. He said that he has offered pilgrimage thrice but he hasn’t faced any difficulty. He said that before his appointment he also imparted education in Madina university in Saudi Aradia, Hafiz visited Abu Daubai, Bahrain and Egypt where he visited the historical sites. During his visit to Saudi Arabia, he led the Ramzan’s prayer in Amir Hamza mosque and finish Quran Sharif with in 15 days in Taraveeh. He thanked to his colleagues, officers in every government departments, visitors, students and people abroad. He said that he is respected every where. He said that short stature is by birth but he is thankful to God Al-mighty despite his disability, He has never considered himself helpless and dependent.’ I pray that God should not make me helpless in future also he added. He said that entire people loves me respects me only because of my short stature and due to this I want to convey the message of peace brother hood and harmony all over the country and in all over the world. He said that he appealed the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Sardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani to arranged a tour for him of the country and of the whole world that he could convey the message of peace over the world and also convey the massage that Muslims are not terrorists and Islam is the religion of peace and its followers could never be terrorists. He said that he did not demand for financial support. He said that he demanded the President and Prime Minister to give him time to visit them.

MARDAN: A primary school teacher cheated people and took away million rupees of people and disappeared. It was stated in a press release issued by Anti- corruption office Mardan. It was stated that Nawaz Khan who is teacher of the Government Primary School Daman Kali with the help of head teacher of the school Mahboob ur Rehman, diapered from the school for 14th months and illegally received salary of about 184662/- rupees and gave loss to the national treasury during this period the mentioned teacher opened electronic shop on bank road and started lottery schemes in his shop and embezzled million rupees of the people and disappeared. On the directives of officers of the department Anti- corruption registered cases against the mentioned teachers and made circle inspector Shah Hussan Khan inquiry officer who will conduct inquiry in this connection.

MARDAN: Haji Farooz Din Tikadar (contractor) passed away on Saturday night. He was brother of Naiz ud Din. He was uncle of Auregzeb Khan Inspector IB and Shahid Khan. His Nimaz-e-Janaza was offered at Pirano Park on Sunday. Elected member and people of the area offered his Nimaz-e-Janaza in large numbers. His Qull will be held at Mohallah Pir Shah Saeed at Pirano Daga Mardan on Tuesday.


3 April , 2010 - MARDAN: Accused allegedly cut hair of his wife in City area. Shaheen wife of Ikram resident of Center Koroona Bagdada reported to police and said that her husband Ikram son of Inam by force allegedly cut her hair with scissors. Police registered case against the accused.

MARDAN: Security Forces in Tehsil Takhatbhai burnt the house of alleged terrorists on Saturday. Sources told that security forces raided the house of Sarfaraz son of Gul Ahmed resident of Pirshado Shier Garh and arrested him and also raided the house who he gave on rent to a person belonging to Swat whose name was not known and arrested him and burnt his house. Sources said that the mentioned person was involved in terrorist activities and has links with Swat Taliban. Security forces shifted them to unknown place for

2 April , 2010 - MARDAN: A meeting of Ulasi Adabi Tolana (UAT) a literary organization Mardan was held at Passon office Mardan on Friday. Meeting was chaired by well-known poet Dr Israr. Metting was attended by well-known poets Andish Shamsul Qamar, Israr Da Toru, Afzal Shah, Hazrat Zubier Zubier, Yasar Ali Bacha. Ajmal Yousafzai, Nihar Awan, Lal Bacha Khali, Muhammad Usman Mardanvi, Muhammad Ali, Sohail Khattak, Azhar Khattak and poet from Mardan and other district participated in the meeting in large number. Addressing to the meeting writers and poets thanked provincial and federal government for giving name of Khyber PukhtunKhawa to province. They also demanded the government to declare Pashto as an official and educational language of the province.

MARDAN: Information Secretary of PukhtunKhawa Milli Awami Party and former senator Raza Muhammad Raza said that Khyber PukhtunKhawa is a positive step towards joint Pukhtun from Bolan to Chatral. He expressed these views while addressing to district committee of the party. Arbab Mujib ur Rehman, Mahboob Bacha, Inayat Khan, Humauyan Khan, Gohar Khan, Akbar Hoti advocate and Muhammad Zubier also addressed at this occasion. Raza Muhammad Raza said that national identity of Pukhtun nation is positive step towards national unit. He added that Pukhtun should soon gain national independence and will start the prosperity journey like developed nations. He said that for the national power in Afghanistan we condemned the external interference in Afghanistan and the national power in Afghanistan is necessary for the whole Pukhtun nation. He said that from the next week organization visit will be started in Mardan in which central and provincial leader will participate.

MARDAN: Former federal minister, central leader of Awami National Party (ANP) and father of Chief Minister NWFP Muhammad Azam Khan Hoti said that we by force gave name of Khyber PukhtunKhawa to our province and our ancestors gave great sacrifices for this aim and at last after a long struggle and fight we succeed to give identity to our province. He expressed these views while addressing to a grand function arranged in jubilation of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa at his residence on Thursday night. Function was presided by ANP district president Haji Rahmat Gul. Provincial Minister Sardar Hussain Babak and ex district nazim Mardan Himaiyatullah Mayar also addressed the function. Member of provincial assembly (MPA) Haji Ahmed Khan Bahader district and different provincial constituency and union council office bearers were also present at this occasion. ANP workers from different parts of Mardan district came to the function in large number. Workers of ANP of different parts of Mardan attended the function in a shape of processions and chanted slogans in favor of PukhtunKhawa and party leaders. The function was continued till late night. Well-known poet Akmal Liwani, Dilawar Khan and Riazat Shah sung poems about PukhtunKhawa name and national poems. Azam Khan Hoti said that our ancestors started movement against British Empire and made independent this country but after the independence no one could give name to our province and our ancestors struggle and fight for their identity for 90 years which was our right but the cruel people beated our elders, disgraced and put them in jails during 62 years after independence of Pakistan. He said that our ancestors gave great sacrifices for the independence of this country and not by dreams. He said that our ancestors came to Punjab and spread the religion of Islam in this province due to which now Punjabis are sitting in Islamabad. He said that every nation in Pakistan wants identity in Pakistan except Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Maulana Fazl-e-Rehman. He said that we by force gave name of Khyber PukhtunKhawa to our province and if those elements did not give name to our province there future will be also finished. He added that Pukhtuns trusted us and gave votes to ANP in 2008 election and with in two years we gave name to our province and also got shares in National Finance Commission (NFC) award and provincial autonomy. He claimed that in 2008 elections ANP win 50 seats and in next election ANP will win 70 seats. After the function fireworks were also done.

1 April , 2010 - MARDAN: Five Shops and a Hujra got partially damaged when explosive materials blew in Skandari on Thursday mid night. Sources told that unknown miscreants put explosive materials to the Hujra of well-known social worker and ex nazim Haji Litaf Gul Skandari area of Hoti police station. The explosive materials blow with huge sound at mid night of Thursday. As a result his Hujra and five shops got partially damaged. No casualty was reported. It is to be noted that Haji Litaf Gul and his family recently join Awami National Party (ANP) in a huge gathering last week addressed by Chief Minister Ameer Haider khan Hoti at his residence. Haji Litaf Gul is the well known figure of Mardan and he was also elected nazim of union council Skandari Purdilabad. He also contested provincial assembly of PF 30 as independent candidate and got more then four thousand votes and remained runner-up candidate. Talking to The News Haji Litaf Gul said that he has no enmity to any one. He said that he has not done even minor quarrel with any one in the area. He added that he did not known that who and for what reason has put the explosive materials with his Hujar and damaged his Hujra and five shops. Police registered case against unknown accused and started investigation.

MARDAN: Workers of the Awami National Party (ANP), Mardan chapter and Dozens of activists of Pukhtun Students Federation (PkSF) celebrated festival on the renaming of province. The activists of party and student federation came out on roads in groups and started dancing and distributed sweets after the announcement of the renaming of province. Talking at this occasion district information secretary of ANP Jihar Khan Hoti and other district offices bearers said that renaming the province is the great achievement of ANP leaders. They said that Khyber PukhtunKhawa is well name of province. They said that our leaders were fighting and struggling from previous 62 years to rename the province and at last they succeeded in their aim.

1 April , 2010 -

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